The digital platform to buy, sell, and invest in real estate.

Reducing the cost of homeownership for buyers and investors through fractional ownership cutting real estate into bite-sized chunks everyone can afford.
Minimum equity purchase of 5% for homebuyers
Minimum investment of $300 for investors
Eliminating mortgage loans and risks of interest rate changes
Connecting buyers and sellers with agents to simplify a real estate transaction
Our Mission
We believe real estate investing and homeownership should be for everyone!
Zeehaus lowers the cost of homeownership and investment to allow more people to benefit and enter the marketplace.

The way things are

Wealth is for the wealthy, homeownership is for the established.
Investing in real estate requires a lot of capital and risk.
Homeownership is something you have to put off, unattainable.
The young and those with less capital cannot participate in the American Dream.

The way things should be

Wealth building is for everyone, homeownership is for everyone.
Investing is something you can get started with little capital.
Homeownership can happen now so you can build your future today.
The young and those with less capital are the foundation of the American Dream.

Making a difference

Modernize real estate to allow average people to join the real estate marketplace.
Change the status quo, make wealth building and homeownership inclusive.
Inspire ownership and equity to an underserved part of our community.
Allow younger people to have a voice, build their future, and change the world.
Innovation meets real estate.

Buyer Benefits

Buy Your Own Property

Leverage the one-stop platform to simplify the entire buying process.
Save on closing costs with an agent referral from Zeehaus.
Zeehaus is not an agent or broker. We’re an independent platform with the mission to make transactions cheaper and more accessible.

Transparent buying process

Pay lower closing fee by getting a referral and setting your commission rebates.

buying process.
Complete closing process and inspection & walkthrough digitally.
Share equity with investors.
Get a referral to a partner agent and save on closing costs and assistance with renting out the property if requested.
Submit offers, view documentation, and perform closing tasks online in an integrated dashboard, and no longer need to go to different websites or endless phone calls.

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What is Equity Sharing

Buy, Sell or Invest Digitally.

Equity Sharing Ownership

Zeehaus’ equity sharing model is a new way to achieve homeownership.
Buyers and investors become co-owners of a property.
Make housing payment more affordable and real estate ownership more accessible.
The goal is future mortgage finance and buying out the investors.
Ownership for each co-buyer is recorded on the blockchain.
Create a transparent and diversified real estate ownership opportunity for investors with staple rent incomes.
How We Can Help You
We are here to help if you are looking to purchase your home,
seeking cash from your home equity, or investing in real estate.
See what makes Zeehaus different!

For Buyers

Buy your own property by leveraging the digital transaction system.
Or share equity with friends, family, and/or investors.

For Investors

Review, approve, invest, and manage equity sharing properties or rehab projects, at $100 intervals.
Make real estate more accessible, liquid, and transparent.

For Sellers

Post your property in minutes. Invite your listing agent or get a referral from Zeehaus.
Experience the best platform that helps you make an informed selling decision.

For Agents

End-to-end agent platform with digital listing, marketing, CRM, and lead-tracking capabilities, for free.
Receive referrals from Zeehaus, or invite your buyers, sellers, and team member to collaborate.

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